The experience of 1 million photos.

Made to create stunning content.

We believe in great content. It’s in our DNA and we lived and breathed it for years. With Onebooth We’ve developed a platform that makes running photo booth campaigns successful and beautiful.

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Simplicity and capability.

Together like never before.

Fully cloud based.

Create, manage and monitor your photo campaigns from anywhere.

Content centric.

Photo, GIF, Boomerang or video. And this is just the beginning.


From top to toe. Customize layouts & texts at each step of the user journey.

Lead the way. We’ve got a photo booth solution for companies and events of all sizes.



The most powerful features are the ones you love to use.

  • Multi campaigns.

    Photo | GIF | Boomerang | Video & more.

  • Advanced analytics.

    Face count | Timeline | content split.

  • Social features.

    Touch paint | Emojis | Filters | Custom texts.

  • Branding options.

    Overlays | Start & Idle Screen | Color scheme | Texts.

  • Legal features.

    Double opt-in | Custom terms of use.

  • Data capture.

    Name & address | Custom survey | Phone number | Email.

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