How to Spook Up Your Party with a DIY Halloween Photo Booth

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Halloween will always be one of the most popular holidays for all ages. After all, no one really ever outgrows the horseplay and high jinks that come with dressing up…as anything. It’s why “kids” from 2 to 92 all love to get in on the fun. And there’s no better way to take the delight up a notch and memorialize it than with a Halloween photo booth.

So if you’re planning a Halloween or Harvest party, a trick-or-treat event, or even a pumpkin patch or corn maze, give your guests another opportunity to stay longer and clown around with a DIY Halloween photo booth. We’re sharing some of our favorite ideas here, but you’ll also want to check out our Pinterest board for even more fang-tastic fun.

DIY Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

As with any Halloween-themed decor, you don’t have to go big budget on special effects. Instead, armed with a little inspiration and the right supplies, you can create a selfie station or photo booth wall that encourages your guests to stop in for a spell and take some photos.

Family-Friendly Halloween Photo Booths

Of course, if you’re hosting a family-friendly event, you’re going to want to focus on not scaring the daylights out of your children. So instead of building a Cujo-themed playhouse, think fun and bright.

Cobwebs & Twinkly Lights – This photo sets the tone for a ton of fun without being spooky or dark. All you need to create this look is some cheap cobweb material and some white lights. Or add a string each of purple and orange to amp up the look.

Playful Paper – A few inexpensive paper fans and paper streamers create this look. It’s the perfect backdrop so that your ghosts, goblins, and Buzz Lightyears really stand out!

Haybales & Harvest – Looking for ideas for your harvest or fall-themed festival. Grab a few gourds and bales of hay to make a backdrop that screams fall.

Spooky Trees – This takes the haybales and harvest and adds a distinctly more spooky flavor with a simple tree cutout (save that next refrigerator box!), without going so scary as to frighten your smallest partygoers.

Go Batty – No one ever said that backdrops have to be fancy. All you need is a wall, black paper, and scissors to set the scene with a basic, but effective backdrop.

Ghoulishly Grown-Up Photo Booths

Now, of course, any of the fun kid-friendly backdrops will work for adult parties too. However, if your festivities are going to be child-free, then spook it up a bit with some terrifying tricks to have your guests shrieking with delight in every picture.

The key to these spookier backdrops is knowing your audience and whether or not they’ll love the extra dose of things that go bump in the night. If you’re not sure, run your ideas past a few of your guests in advance to see what they say.

Blood Spatter – Nothing says Zombie Apocalypse (or Halloween) better than a bit of blood splatter. You can replicate this backdrop with strips of white butcher paper, large poster board, or even a sheet stretched tight, and then have at it with some blood-red paint.

Ghosts and Graveyards – Recreate this otherworldly vibe with some inexpensive garden fencing, styrofoam, and a blacklight.

Step Into My Lair – Vampires and coffins, oh my! Grab some old pallets, a hammer, and nails, and create a coffin just like this. Cobwebs finish off the fang-tastic look.

Don’t Forget the Props!

Halloween props can be easy to DIY also! You can create your own or download some printables that your guests can use to make their photo booth experience even better!

Set a Hashtag

Remember to set a hashtag for your event in advance. It adds to the fun factor when you’re hosting a private party. However, if you’re planning an event that’s open to the public like a fall festival or corn maze, the right hashtag can help do your marketing for you by adding social proof.

If you’re using an app like Onebooth, you can set up a hashtag right in the software. And, as an added bonus, you can also use your photo booth to build your email list so you can let your guests know about future events and promotions!

Mummy-Wrapping it Up

The reality is that new iPad photo booth apps like Onebooth mean that you don’t need to put a lot of effort into backdrops or props. With green screen technology and digital stickers, you can set up a photo booth without the added work.

However, these DIY Halloween photo booth backdrops can really set the scene and the mood for your party. Plus they are a blast to build and will make your next Halloween party a real (trick or) treat!

spook up your halloween party with a diy photo booth

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