DIY Photo Booth Backdrops: How Event Marketers Rock Out at Christmas

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Christmas decoration for photo booth backdrop

Congratulations on landing that lucrative holiday party photo booth gig! Now it’s time to knock it out of the pack with a Christmas photo backdrop that your clients will love. Looking for inspiration? Here are 10 ideas to create your DIY Christmas photo backdrop that will have partygoers lining up to take endless photos, and then coming back for more!

10 Ideas to Inspire Your DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop

We’ve curated some of our favorite DIY Christmas photo backdrops here that are perfect for people of all DIY and crafting skill levels. Most are budget-friendly, too, which means that you can play with ideas until you land on one you love. Need more inspiration? Visit our Pinterest board to get an even bigger dose of festive fun!


You can set up a nice photo backdrop by using simple decor elements!

We’ll start you off with a tutorial that shows how you can set up a great photo backdrop using simple props like curtains and a tree. Better yet, this DIYer demonstrates how to fluff up a fake tree.

Use What You’ve Got

Nothing says “Christmas” better than a tree with gifts. So if your event has one available, you can use that, and then dress it up with a ladder that you can use to hang stockings, garlands, and Christmas lights.

Cotton Ball Snowstorm

Want to recreate a snowstorm of epic Frozen proportions that Anna and Elsa would love? Check out this idea that uses cotton balls and thread! Even the non-Royals in attendance will have a blast with this DIY Christmas photo backdrop.

DIY Your Christmas Tree

Have a big blank canvas of a wall, some garland, and lights, but not a tree that you can easily haul around? Take inspiration from this barn and create a DIY Christmas Tree for your backdrop. You can use a frame for the garland and lights, or create it as you go. Don’t forget a star for the top!

DIY Ornament Garlands

Need a bright and cheery Christmas photo backdrop? Dig into your stash of ornaments and create some garlands using your favorites. Be sure to tie each ornament in place, so they don’t end up jammed together in the middle or on the ends! These ball ornaments come in every color and size, so you can match any decor. Better yet, you can stock up on them at end-of-the-season clearance events for future years.

Giant Snowflakes

Grab several of these snowflake lights and hang them at varying heights to create a forest of dangling snowflakes. And, if you hang them so that some are further forward than others, they can become props for your guests!

Use Hanging Lights

Hanging light strands are a very budget-friendly way to create a DIY Christmas photo backdrop. They create a warm mood and can also be used to frame in the area. Add a few poinsettias and cushions, and you’ll set the stage for the perfect Christmas photo.

Faux Poinsettias and Holly

Speaking of poinsettias, check out this Christmas photo backdrop. Whether you buy fake flowers and pin them to curtains, create paper flowers, or DIY some garlands with burlap, it’s the perfect inspiration for something different, yet festive.

Props Galore

Don’t forget props! These are some fun ideas that partygoers will love using to create festive and dynamic photos! Other ideas are packages, mistletoe (depending on the party), or even a Naughty or Nice list!

Glasses, Masks, and Beards, Oh My!

These printable props are easy and super DIY friendly. You can usually purchase them inexpensively online and then use them several times!

Putting it All Together

Whether you recreate your favorite at your next event or pull a few ideas from each to mix and match, we’d love to hear how your backdrop comes together!

Because these ideas are so budget-friendly, you might want to create several and then build a lookbook that gives future clients insight into some of your ideas. Moreover, these ideas can inspire decor for the entire party. So if your client is still early in their planning phase, you could sit down together and decide on a look for the whole party!

And as much fun as these ideas are, when you use an iPad photo booth app like Onebooth to create a virtual backdrop using our green screen technologies. What’s more, if props aren’t your thing, or aren’t a good fit for the party or client, you can easily enhance your offerings with our frame and sticker overlays. 

Did one of these concepts inspire you in a big way? Or, do you have ideas we should include in future posts? Please let us know in the comments!

DIY Photo Booth Backdrops: How Event Marketers Rock Out at Christmas

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