The Secret For A Successful DIY Photo Booth At Your Birthday Party

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There’s no better way to dial up the fun at your next birthday bash than by adding a photo booth. After all, everyone from age 1 to 99 loves hamming it up for a photo. And with new technology, all you need for a great DIY photo booth is an iPad and some creativity! We’re opening up the vault to give you our top secrets to make sure you are all set to host the best party ever!

Inspiration for Your DIY Photo Booth

If you decide to level up your birthday party with a photo booth, the first step is to think about the type of photo booth you want. If you truly want to DIY your set up, an iPad booth will be the best way to go. All you need is an iPad, a great app like Onebooth, and your imagination.

The next ingredient is fun props to inspire and engage your party guests. These don’t have to be spendy. Instead, you can make your own or grab a few pieces from the party aisle of your favorite craft store. Of course, the props you choose will likely depend on whether you’re hosting a party for kids or adults, and if you have a theme!

Not sure how you want to create your DIY birthday photo booth? We’ve curated some of the best ideas from Instagram and YouTube below! And since there are big differences between parties for kids and grown-ups, we’ve separated the two categories, although, let’s be honest, photo booths allow us all to be kids at heart.

Kid Birthdays

The first thing to consider when you’re setting up a DIY photo booth for a kid’s birthday party is your theme. Maybe you have one, and maybe you don’t. If not, don’t worry, you can still create a backdrop that will have your guests shrieking with delight. If you do, however, you may already have an idea for what you want to create and simply need some inspiration to put it all together.

Here are ideas that we love!

Pink is for Princess
If your little girl is into ruling the world, this is a fun idea. And all of the different decorations pull together for a beautiful DIY backdrop that works great for photos!

Learn and Grow
If you have a preschooler, these bright, eye-catching colors will draw kids from all over the party!

Toy Story
This classic movie has fans of all ages, especially since releasing the fourth movie in the series. But the idea of dress up with a simple backdrop is one that your kiddos will love. If you have fans of another movie or show, grab those costumes and a few elements of the backdrop and they’ll fall in love! You can even use digital stickers to integrate your favorite characters to the picture!

Tutti Frutti
The way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach, especially kids. This colorful concept could be just the ticket to fun photos for your family!

Into the Jungle
We have yet to meet a child who doesn’t adore animals. This jungle-themed backdrop is sure to delight!

Adult Birthdays

Featuring a photo booth at adult parties is just as much fun as kid parties because there’s something about an opportunity to take selfies that brings out everyone’s inner child. As a result, you can easily play on any of the kid-inspired themes for your next adult birthday party. However, if you’re looking for something a little more grown-up, here are some gorgeous ideas!

Chalk Art
There’s something about chalk art that’s so whimsical and fun, and it makes for the perfect backdrop for just about any party. All you need is a surface you can draw on and some chalk!

Balloon Wall
Balloon garlands and arches, move over! This balloon wall is gorgeous and perfect for any adult soiree.

Paper Fans
There’s something classic and timeless about paper decorations like these fans. They’ll land you some impressive photos while also serving as classy decor.

Tutorials We Love

When you’re building your own DIY photo booth for your next birthday bash, some elements to consider are the supplies you’ll need, how you’ll assemble everything, and how much time you’ll need.

Most of these ideas only require a few dollar store purchases and a little elbow grease. Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, with a dose of inspiration, you can easily use different types of materials to create an incredibly fun and interactive DIY backdrop.

With that in mind, YouTube can come in handy with tutorials for just about everything! It was incredibly hard for us to choose! But we know you’ll fall in love, too!

DIY Balloon Arches
Balloon arches are SO much fun! But did you know they’re incredibly easy, too?

Tissue Paper
This offers a really gorgeous DIY photo booth backdrop and party decor that you can leave up long after the party is over!

Confetti is fun, but so impossible to clean up. With a few simple tools you can re-create this look with no stress, and no mess!

Mixed Mediums
Everyone loves bright colors and this party set up won’t disappoint!

Our Secret Ingredient

A photo booth adds a pop of fun to any party. But we’re going to let you in on the biggest secret of all.

A great backdrop doesn’t have to blow your budget or take up a ton of your time. The Onebooth app allows you to use digital stickers, overlays, and green screen technology so that your backdrop becomes completely optional! And if you’re not experienced in graphic design, you can still find a freelance designer who could do it for you! It’s not as expensive as you might think!

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