11 Ideas To Upgrade Your Next New Years Eve Party With A Photo Booth

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Women partying for new year with a lot of glitters

New Years Eve means the biggest and best parties of the year. After all, there’s no better time to celebrate what went well the year before, say farewell to old habits and look forward to a new year and new you. Amidst the bubbles, the fireworks, and the countdown to midnight, everyone wants to remember the time together with friends. That’s exactly why New Years Eve photo booths are one of the hottest trends in celebrations around the globe.

Gone are the days of clunky big cabin-style booths that take up a huge footprint and limit the number of people in the photo. Instead, all you need is some fun decor and a great iPad photo booth app like Onebooth for instantly shareable or printable images your friends and family will love for years to come.

Regardless of whether you’re DIYing your decor or hiring someone to do it for you, we’re sharing our favorite ideas (and a few tutorials) to inspire your New Years Eve photo booth.

11 Ideas to Make Your New Years Eve Photo Booth Pop

Although props and backdrops aren’t required for a fantastic photo booth experience, they do make it a lot of fun! Check out these ideas for backdrops and props, as well as a few tutorials to create the look and feel!


Backdrops can be as simple as a plain white wall or you can go all out. The best part about a gorgeous backdrop is it works to upgrade your party as well as your photos! If you already have a theme for your party, you can absolutely use your existing decor, but these ideas may just inspire your entire party!

Glitzy Backdrops

Woman posing in front of a sprakling backdrop for new year
Have fun with a DIY sparkling backdrop for your photo booth.

Glitz and glam are two words that go hand in hand with New Years Eve. So if you’re hosting a black-tie party or even one where you expect plenty of sparkling attire, a glitzy photo booth backdrop could really set the stage for glamour.

Recreate this look with a curtain rod and long tinsel strands or garland. Otherwise, be on the lookout for sparkly curtains to give your DIY backdrop a delightful pop! Balloons always add a dash of fun, too!

Balloon Backdrops

Balloons make for the perfect New Year Party Backdrop.

Balloons are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to create a New Years Party photo booth backdrop that pops. Check out the video above to learn one DIY balloon technique!! There are tons of different options for creating balloon backdrops and garlands, too.

All About the Numbers

Women Taking picture with balloons for 2020 in a photo booth
Fixed on the wall as a backdrop or used as props, balloons are perfect for photo booths.

Be sure to celebrate each new year with numbers! Even if you don’t go for a big balloon backdrop, you may want to focus on the year to come! Balloons can help you get there.

If balloons aren’t your thing, think garlands. You can buy some fun strands or create a DIY version with a string, clothespins, printed out numbers, and glitter…lots of glitter!

DIY Shine and Color

This was a birthday party theme but could easily be the inspiration for your New Years Eve photo booth backdrop. To DIY this, string up some sparkling garlands and attach them to the tall backdrops. Alternatively, pin sparkling shapes to clear shower curtains for a similar look and feel.

Mix and Match – Garlands, Fans & Balloons

Ultimately, whatever you decide on for a backdrop doesn’t have to be just one of these ideas. You can easily mix and match with a variety of materials and textures to create a classy and delightful backdrop that party guests will love!


Props are also not necessary for an insanely fun time. However, they make for engaging photos because guests love interacting with accessories! 

Gold and Silver Galore

Couple wearing golden props for a New Year picture
Use your decor elements as props for some easy DIY props.

Maybe all of your decor centers around a color theme, maybe not. But with some fun silver and gold garlands, mini hats, confetti, and a champagne bottle to boot, these two guests decorated themselves and showed off the fun they had all night long!

Hats and Noisemakers

“Traditional” dollar store hats and noisemakers make great props for a New Years Eve photo booth. They’re fun, can be handed out to guests as they arrive, or set up near your photo booth to be used for pictures, boomerangs, and GIFs.

Picture Frames

Snap! Take a the perfect New Year’s Eve picture with this tutorial.

Picture frames are a tried and true way to create a fun photo booth atmosphere! Check out this video tutorial to learn how to create your own!

Handfuls of Confetti

Woman blowing on a handful of confetti
Confetti always brings some fun in a photo booth.

There’s something about confetti that makes everyone smile (unless you are doing the clean up)! So why not have a bowl of confetti that partygoers can toss into the air at your New Years Eve party?

Better Yet, Confetti Cannons & Confetti Poppers

Want to level up your confetti game? Use confetti cannons or poppers to launch it high and capture the reactions using your New Years Eve photo booth. The bonus is that as confetti falls, it will add to the decor!

DIY Confetti Poppers, Confetti Cannons, and Confetti

You can certainly buy confetti poppers and cannons, but if you’d like to DIY them or make sure they fit the rest of your decor, then check out the tutorial above!

Looking for ideas for confetti? You can always buy some, but you can make your own New Years Eve photo booth confetti from these materials:

  • Cutting up squares of colorful paper
  • Sequins
  • Glitter
  • Cutting ribbons into squares
  • Using different hole punch shapes to create stars, moons, circles, and more!

Plus, you can easily mix and match the different types of confetti.

Building Your DIY New Years Eve Photo Booth

Now that you’ve checked out our favorite ideas for your DIY New Years Eve photo booth here, are you ready to create? Amazing decor won’t make or break your party, but it will make for spectacular photos.

Furthermore, with a robust iPad photo booth app like Onebooth and its overlay and green screen technologies, you can also create graphics that mimic some of your favorite looks! That means if you choose to move your photo booth to a different location, want to use your mobile photo booth to follow the action around, or simply want to enhance your photos, our top of the line technology will let you!

Regardless of the look and feel you use, we’d love to hear how your New Years Eve photo booth comes together. Please share in the comments!

11 ideas for your new years eve photo booth

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