Interview with Clélia Morlot

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Onebooth Team Clélia

Who are you? And what are you actually doing here?
I’m french and a business administration student. I love to travel and see the world, which is great since I have to travel a lot between France and Germany. 😉 I love trying my hand at things I never did before: yoga, kickboxing, video editing… I’m really curious and enjoy to learn a lot!

Which three #hashtags describe you the best?
#wanderlust #alwaysreading #netflixaddict

Why did you apply for a position at Onebooth?
I was intrigued by the app, and I wanted to work in a start-up because I wanted to feel like my work was really important to the company. I didn’t want to be the intern stuck doing copies or coffee all day long.

What did you do before?
Last summer I did a 6 month internship in Germany and then I finished the third semester of my Master studies in Mainz.

What kind of job was the worst one you ever had?
One where I couldn’t have my own ideas and had to do everything for everyone else.

What makes you special in your job at Onebooth?
I bring my french view on some topics and my experience in working in an international team.

Are you like a whirlwind or do you control chaos?
I’m a post-it note Master. I write everything on those little notes and organize my day every morning. But I also go with the flow whenever I can! Organizing helps me know what is really important, so sometimes I can just forgo all my post-its notes and do something that wasn’t planned!

Coffee or tea?
Coffee all the way! I blame college and the tons of homework for making me addicted to it!

What is your personal mission at Onebooth?
I’m here to learn, help Onebooth grow as much as possible and discover the start-up lifestyle. So far I’m completely sold!

To whom would you recommend working in a startup?
To those that want to learn, to feel like they belong and that their work really matters to the company’s growth.

Whom should one follow on Instagram?
I can’t choose just one…. So here are my favorites:
@oneboothapp, of course! 😉
@emmawatson, She is a wonderful actress, stands for what she believes in and uses her voice to talk for those that need to be heard.
@catanacomics, She makes the cutest little comics about her life with her boyfriend…. And I can totally relate!
@latermedia, for some good inspiration and tips on how to use Instagram like a pro 😉

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