Interview with Laura Roa

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Onebooth Team Laura Roa

Who are you? And what are you actually doing here?
I’m a graphic designer who likes to create, learn and have fun.

Which three #hashtags describe you the best?
#Openminded #Curious #Goofy

Why did you apply for a position at Onebooth?
Onebooth gave me the opportunity to explore, try and understand so many things that I probably haven’t so far.

What did you do before?
Learning German.

What kind of job was the worst one you ever had?
One where the monotony rules or I felt that I couldn’t express how I felt.

What makes you special in your job at Onebooth?
I’m from Colombia what gives me a different perspective on things. It helps us to develop original solutions as an international team. I am also creative and independent which helps to find fast solutions for any kind of challenges.

Are you like a whirlwind or do you control chaos?
A little bit of both, before I was a “Control Freak” and for a while now I’ve been starting to learn how to go with the flow.

Coffee or tea?
Chai Latte!!

What is your personal mission at Onebooth?
Experimenting design-wise to help the Onebooth family discover the amazing creative potential of our photo booth platform.

To whom would you recommend working in a startup?
To people who like to be challenged constantly and don’t like boredom.

Whom should one follow on Instagram?
@oneboothapp 😉

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