The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Photo Booth Business

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Naming your photo booth business is an essential step to getting your new company off the ground. However, choosing a name can be challenging! We’ve compiled a list of six things to consider when choosing a photo booth business name!

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6 tips for naming your photo booth business

There’s so much to consider when naming your business. Here are some of the top things you’ll want to think about before you finalize your photo booth business name.

Check for available URLs before making it official.

If is not available, then go back to the drawing board. Although there are opportunities to use extensions like .net, .us, and .biz (among others), these are not common, and your prospective customers will likely go to the wrong site. Worse yet, when they get to the wrong place, they’ll probably move on and go to a competitor!

Choose a name that makes it clear what you do.

Your business name doesn’t have to include “photo booth,” but it should speak to what you offer. Maybe you want to focus on image-based words like snapshots, photos, memories, or something that touches on the experience people will have. For example, if you’re creating an event planning business, you may not want to include “photo booth” in the name. However, if you plan to stick with photo booths, then you really can’t go wrong by making this crystal clear in your business name. If your prospective clients are confused about what you do, they’ll move on to the next option.

Don’t be afraid to be clever or fun.

Being clear always wins out over being clever. However, you can have a fun name as long as your tagline spells out your service. Alliteration and rhyming are a great way to create a business name that’s memorable and stands out. And, to build your business, you will definitely want to stand out!

Your name should be easy to pronounce and spell

If the average person in your area can’t easily pronounce your business name, then it’s going to be hard to gain traction. The same goes for spelling. If your business name is tough to spell or is easy to misspell, then consider a different option. After all, if people can’t easily type in your URL, then it will be tough to get people directly to your business page.

Check for competing names.

Your state should have a list of registered business names. Check that list first to see if you have any local competition. However, it’s also a good idea to search in national databases like Trademarkia as well. Don’t forget to do a quick Google search, either. Some states don’t require businesses to file DBAs, and if there’s a search term that competes with your business name, it could draw traffic away from you.

Ask your friends.

Once you have 2-3 (or more) solid options for your business name, run them by friends or even a mini “focus group” of potential clients you’ve started networking with. Tell them that you’d love to get their thoughts, and they can tell you what they like and don’t like about each, as well as their favorite option.

What happens next?

Once you’ve chosen a name for your photo booth business, you’ll want to take a few actions immediately!

Buy the URL!

You’ve worked hard to make sure that your URL will match your business name, so be sure to take ownership of it ASAP! You can snag it from NameCheap or the company you plan to host your website with, like Siteground or Lyrical Host.

Register your business.

The process for this will vary based on where you live. If you’re not sure, do a quick search of your city, county, or state, and you’ll be able to learn more. If you aren’t sure what you need to do, contact your local small business office. Or, you can also contact an attorney or even an accountant to help you set up everything. Consulting professionals who do this day in and day out is a good idea, no matter what. After all, you need to understand what you need to do to comply with local laws and taxes.

What if you already have a business?

If you’re expanding an existing business by adding photo booth services to your offerings, then choosing a name or URL may not be a top priority. However, you will want to think about making some changes to your website and business cards to show people that you now offer these services. Although you can always upsell your existing clients, your job will be easier if they know you have some new options available. You can also create a short, sweet, and fun email blast as well as social media posts to help drive in more new business.

The bottom line for choosing a photo booth business name

It seems like there’s a lot to consider when choosing a name for your new company, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Have fun with this process, and before you know it, your new business name will be catching the eyes—and ears—of your prospective clients.

The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Photo Booth Business

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