How To Create A Professional Photo Booth Business Card

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Even in today’s digital age, business cards are an important marketing tool for any company, including your photo booth business. There is no better way to help you connect with new potential leads than by literally handing them your contact information. If you’re not sure quite how to start, then you’re certainly not alone. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when designing a business card.

How to Set Up Your Photo Booth Business Card

There are plenty of affordable options for designing your business card. If you don’t have a graphic designer, you can hire one inexpensively on Fiverr or Upwork. Or you can DIY a professional-looking card using an option like Canva, Vistaprint, or Moo.

What a Professional Business Card Should Include

The best business cards are clean with a simple look and feel with plenty of room for taking notes (read: lots of white space and at least one side uncoated). However, there are several additional elements that you’ll want to consider, and we’ll go through them below.

Your Logo

A logo isn’t 100% critical, so if you don’t have one yet, don’t stress. You can still design a business card without a logo if you include your business name and choose fonts that you like. 

However, if you’re ready to create a logo and don’t have a graphic designer, there are still options available to you. You can use a logo template from Canva, or if you want to put things into the hands of a professional, you can set up a contest with 99designs or check out what TailorBrands can do for you.

Colors + Fonts

Color selection is an important part of branding, but it doesn’t have to be high brow. If there are colors you like, you can use them. But here are a few things to consider:

  • How do your colors look together?
  • How do they look on a white background?
  • Are they easy on the eye? 
  • Are they either too bright or low contrast? 
  • Do they look good in text only, in large blocks of color, or both? 

Fonts get a little trickier, and this is where using an existing template can come in handy. 

Yes, you want to use fonts you like, but, especially when it comes to cursive fonts, you want to be sure to select a font that is easy to read. If you’re not sure, ask a group of people and get their feedback.

Business Name + Tagline

Including your business name and tagline should go without saying, but people have forgotten these details before, and there’s nothing worse than investing in business cards only to discover that there’s a glaring error or omission.

A tagline isn’t 100% necessary. However, if your business name isn’t absolutely clear, or if it doesn’t include your niche, think about including a tagline that spells out what you do. This level of detail can help to attract your ideal customer.

Contact Information

Make sure that people can contact you. Yes, this is a no-brainer. But like company names, you’d be surprised how often this gets left out!

Include your name along with the ways that you can be easily contacted. If you don’t do email well, then include your phone number. If you have a hard time answering the phone, then consider a transcription service for your voicemail. 

Do be sure to list your website here, too. (Need help creating your photo booth website? Read more here.)

Your Offer

If you have a special call to action or offer that can entice people to both hang onto your cards AND contact you, then include it on the back. Maybe it’s a 25% discount on your first booking, or, perhaps it’s a free upgrade code.

Including an offer is optional, but it can be a great way to stand out.

Design Elements to Consider

Now that we’ve outlined what you need to include on your business card, there are a few more elements to consider in order to design an effective business card that works for you.

Color & Negative Space

Even though you already decided on brand colors, it’s now time to choose colors for your business card.

Simple is powerful, and negative space can help draw attention where you most need it.

However, although dark-colored cards (as pictured above) can be striking, they can be harder to use for notes, so keep that in mind.

Paper Stock & Finishes

Although, there are myriad finishes and types of paper available. You want to choose one that has enough weight to sand out, but you want to make sure that you can write on the finished product. For example, a high gloss coating doesn’t work well with most pens, so you may want to use this coating selectively, on one side only, or not at all.

Shape & Size

You can choose rounded or square corners, and you can even consider a non-traditional business card shape or size. Think about what is best for your market and what will help you stand out.

A Few Final Notes for Your Photo Booth Business Card

Now that you know how to set up your photo booth business card, we have two final notes.

Proof Everything

Whether you work with a designer or DIY your photo booth business card, the cardinal rule is: Proof, Proof, Proof. Then, show it to a friend or colleague and ask for another set of eyes. Although your card doesn’t have to be the only card you ever run with, you do want it to be correct.

Print it Professionally

Professionally printed cards do not have to cost an arm and a leg. The services listed above have some incredibly affordable high-quality printing options.

With that said, if you need a card fast, there’s no harm in creating a professional card quickly at home on business card stock, while you’re waiting for your real cards to arrive. Just be sure to have a professional version as soon as possible.

After all, the purpose of creating a photo booth business card is to give yourself a marketing tool that puts your best foot forward. First impressions count.

We also created an article on how to make the best website for your photo booth business. Don’t hesitate to check it out!

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