Need More Engagement At Your Event? Try Photo Booth Stickers

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There’s something extra special about events that feature photo booths. After all, guests have a great time taking photos, creating fun memories that often verge on wacky with lots of laughs. But what happens when you want to drive more people towards your photo booth so that your clients and their guests can amp up the fun? We’re going to give you some tips for boosting engagement at your event (hint: it starts with using photo booth stickers and emojis) so that you can offer clients a rock star experience.

How Digital Photo Booth Stickers Can Cut Your Overhead Costs

Engagement is the ultimate goal of any great marketer. It’s also the event goal for most photo boothers. But when you need more engagement at events, how do you get it without coming across as desperate?

Props are a great way to get more engagement with your photo booth. After all, when you can get people to interact with something, they’re more likely to have a lot of fun at your booth. It shows in the photos, too! If you need props but aren’t sure where to start, there are tons of DIY tutorials and inexpensive printables out there to choose from.

However, there are a few caveats here.

First, if you’re in the early days of your business, you may be bootstrapping everything and working on a tight budget. You can get started with props inexpensively, but they still cost money and require supplies. Furthermore, you frequently need to replace your stash of props. Many walk away with partygoers or get damaged by frequent use. This all costs money that you may either need to put back into the business or use to pay yourself.

Second, even if you have the money for the supplies, they can take a great deal of time to make. It’s not a big deal if you have it, but your valuable time could be better spent doing some marketing and getting more bookings.

However, there’s a solution available that you’ll want to consider. And that, of course, is digital photo booth stickers and emojis, which you can use with iPad photo booth software like Onebooth.

They offer the same level of interaction because your guests can interact with the digital stickers right on the screen. These stickers and emojis also add just the kick for highly memorable photos that physical props do, but without the wear and tear. They can also be fully customized for each event!

More Engagement Strategies for your Photo Booth Event

In addition to photo booth stickers and emojis, you may have some additional tools at your disposal to boost engagement:

  • Work with the DJ or event emcee to drive traffic to the photo booth. If you are the DJ, you are uniquely positioned to pump up the audience!
  • Use a mobile photo booth like the Mobile Max to follow the action around and get people to really engage!
  • Offer printouts as well as the digital photos for people to hang onto! When eventgoers see other guests walking around with them, you can capitalize on the FOMO.
  • Offer the best photo contest. Have everyone post the photos to social with a pre-determined hashtag, and then choose a winner at the end of the night.

The possibilities for boosting event engagement are truly endless. Still, in the end, photo booth stickers are an inexpensive and easy strategy for increasing engagement and the fun factor at your next event.

Need More Engagement At Your Event? Try Photo Booth Stickers

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