Shoot The Perfect Boomerang With These 3 Tips

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Onebooth Boomerang

Tired of taking standard pictures? Do you want to make your Instagram feed even better? Then, if you haven’t already, you need to use Boomerang! Making one is a lot of fun, and it helps to capture the moment even better! Bring some life on your Instagram.

What is a boomerang?

Before we begin, let’s just explain what a Boomerang is. Boomerang is a stand-alone application created by Instagram to create a new kind of content. Admittedly, it’s not that new anymore as the application has been around since 2015, but some people still don’t know exactly what it is.

So, what is it? Well to quote Instagram: “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a boomerang”. Basically, the app shoots a burst of 10 photos in a few seconds and assembles them to create a short video. This video will then play forward and backward in an infinite loop. There is no audio, but the final result always captures people’s attention. You look at it once, and without even realizing it, you have watched the video 10 times in a row.

Make the perfect Boomerang

You can create Boomerangs from everything and in every situation. Just like pictures. We love to use that application during parties. It’s perfect to capture the party crowd and the ambiance on the dance floor. You can even use the dancing crowd as a nice and lively background.

Now it is time for you to learn how to make the perfect boomerang. You can either keep the secret to yourself or teach your friends how to get the best results!

1. Simple is ok too

Some of the Boomerangs that you see on Instagram are very impressive. But sometimes, you might not have time to plan out something crazy. So don’t hesitate to keep it simple. There is fun everywhere, even in mundane action. A good hair flip will look mesmerizing and it is also very easy to loop. But, of course, if you can do something completely over the top, don’t hesitate!


Think about creating a small friendly competition to animate your party! Ask your guests to do Boomerangs. The best one gets a small price! You can even impose themes for the competition: the best way to puT on a jacket, the best runway walk, the best dance move… Or just let the creativity of your friends run free!

2. Don’t forget the loop

For the Boomerang to be perfect, you need to remember that it plays as a loop – forward and backward and forward again. For a Boomerang to loop perfectly, you need to finish your movement at a different place than where you started it. If you want to loop your best dance move, make sure to move across the area. The idea is to capture a complete movement and not only single pictures like in a gif. But keep your phone steady!

3. Boomerang your selfies

You would rather keep on showing your best profile to the camera? You can use Boomerang for that too! Standard selfies can me monotonous sometimes, but thankfully you can easily up your game with a few tricks. Smile, wink, move your hair slightly, play with your jacket… The possibilities with a Boomerang are endless. Out best tip? Be sassy! 😉 Nothing like confidence to grab the attention of the people. After all, if you can’t be sassy at your party, when can you?

Creating Boomerangs with a Photobooth?

Yes – that’s possible. 🙂 With Onebooth, you can also create cool Branded BoomerangS in no time. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties or corporate events.
Shoot The Perfect Boomerang With These 3 Tips for Onebooths ipad photo booth

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