5 Ways To Boost Your Fundraising Event

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Paper Bag with a Thank you note

Fundraising events continue to be important when it comes to raising money because people love opportunities to socialize and interact, especially when there’s a good cause involved. And regardless of your cause, events offer a powerful way to rise above the noise of everyone else who is also asking for money. They give you an opportunity to showcase what makes … Read More

Why Roaming Photo Booths Are The Next Hot Thing

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Group of girls taking a picture

The introduction of the iPad has completely revolutionized the photo booth industry, leading to the design of new types of booths and lighter, sleeker hardware. But the changes don’t stop here. In 2019, we saw a big trend emerging: the roaming photo booth. You see them often at events and more and more photo booth owners are investing in this … Read More

6 Surefire Tips To Get Leads At A Trade Show

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Onebooth at the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas

If you want to grow your client base and your bottom line, attending events is a must. In fact, according to Bizzabo, nearly half of all marketers believe that live events are the best tool to generate leads. Why? Well, not only are events an exceptional way to build relationships within your industry, but they also offer a powerful opportunity … Read More

Upsell Your Next Gig with a Selfie Station

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Onebooth Event Photo Props

Selfie stations are the hottest thing to hit events since the photo booth. They are easy to make, fun to use, and create endless memories, not to mention giggles. What’s more, they’re incredibly popular at events of all shapes and sizes. And even though millennials invented the selfie, every generation will have a great time using the selfie station. In … Read More

Shoot The Perfect Boomerang With These 3 Tips

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Onebooth Boomerang

Tired of taking standard pictures? Do you want to make your Instagram feed even better? Then, if you haven’t already, you need to use Boomerang! Making one is a lot of fun, and it helps to capture the moment even better! Bring some life on your Instagram. What is a boomerang? Voir cette publication sur Instagram Une publication partagée par … Read More

Interview with Laura Roa

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Onebooth Team Laura Roa

Who are you? And what are you actually doing here?I’m a graphic designer who likes to create, learn and have fun. Which three #hashtags describe you the best? #Openminded #Curious #Goofy Why did you apply for a position at Onebooth? Onebooth gave me the opportunity to explore, try and understand so many things that I probably haven’t so far. What … Read More

Interview with Clélia Morlot

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Onebooth Team Clélia

Who are you? And what are you actually doing here?I’m french and a business administration student. I love to travel and see the world, which is great since I have to travel a lot between France and Germany. 😉 I love trying my hand at things I never did before: yoga, kickboxing, video editing… I’m really curious and enjoy to … Read More